Borrowing money for a car – Bank Loan

We list a variety of lenders that grant car loans as long as you have no debts with Good Finance or a damaged credit rating. You can borrow money for a car in several ways. Either apply for a car loan with or without the car as collateral or take a regular blank loan.

A bank loan is a private loan with no collateral

A bank loan is a private loan with no collateral

Which means that you do not have to put the car in the mortgage for the loan. If you take out a car loan with the car as collateral then you will have to pay a lower interest rate as the car stands as collateral for the loan. You can also use a loan brokerage service that only does a UC check on you and then you get offers from a variety of lenders.

You enter your basic information, mobile and e-mail and then a credit report is made. If you are considered creditworthy, you will be offered car loans from several different banks that want to help you with a car loan. In this way, you do not damage your credit rating in the same way that you apply for loans from several credit companies and banks.

Each time a credit report is made, this is registered with UC and this note remains for one year. If you have many requests for a short period, most banks will give you a discount when you apply for a loan. We help you find a car loan when you want to borrow money for a car. Take loan for car.

Borrow USD 10000 . Borrow USD 15000 . Borrow USD 20000 . Borrow USD 25000 . Borrow USD 30000 . Borrow USD 40000 . Borrow USD 50000 .

Car loan

Car loan

You can easily apply for a car loan through Peter Pan, we will help you find the cheapest interest rate out there. You can chat with our pros only service if you want help finding a Car Loan. You can apply to borrow money for a car today and get the money into the account today, tomorrow or the next banking day. You fill in your loan application quickly and easily in a few minutes and then you are contacted via email mobile or sms.

You will get several offers if you want to borrow money for a car, compare the different prices and interest rates and then choose an offer that seems good.

If you want to borrow money for a car, try to fill in your basic information and contact details then you should see that you soon have the car in your possession.

Count on car loan

Count on car loan

Count on car loan before you take out the loan. You need to know what the monthly cost will be in advance. Through us you can count and apply for bill stream. If you buy a car from an authorized car dealer, you can take a car loan up to 80 percent of the car’s value. If you buy a car from a private person, we can offer you a loan without collateral as well.

If you go to the banks’ pages when you want to borrow money for a car and enter “Car price” and indicate how much cash you are willing to pay on “Specify cash deposit”. The cash contribution must be at least 20% of the total value.

Then you use the relay and pull it aside and select “Repayment time” often 1 – 7 years. Then you just click on “Calculate” and you will get a calculation of what your monthly cost would be.

Credit account 2019 – Account credits up to $ 50,000

Credit accounts have quickly become popular, which means that more and more people are choosing it as part of their everyday economy.

Very few people know what the exact meaning of a credit account is

credit score

Having a credit account online works like a mix between quick loans and a regular credit card, which you can use when you need to borrow money quickly.

When you make a withdrawal from your credit account, the credit is activated. The debt is then settled when the money, including the interest, is deposited back into the account.

Credit Account Facts

Credit Account

  • Free withdrawals from a credit limit of between $ 3000 – 20,000
  • Interest is only counted on the amount withdrawn
  • Flexible payback time
  • Fees are rarely added, but all costs are deductible interest rates
  • Refunds must be made with at least a minimum amount each month

You can see the credit account as a loan account from which you can borrow a certain amount of money each month. Let’s say you were granted a credit account with a credit limit of $ 15,000. This means that you have the opportunity to withdraw a maximum of $ 15,000 from this account during the month. However, these $ 15,000 will then be repaid, if you make full use of them.

If you do not withdraw from your credit account, you also do not have to repay anything.

Credit account can be seen as a more manageable alternative to a traditional sms loan. The difference, however, is that a sms loan can have a setup fee attached to it and also have a strict and, usually quite short, repayment period. The credit account offers you free withdrawals within a certain framework.

The interest to be repaid is only calculated on what you actually use the account and the repayment period can be very flexible. In other words, there are many benefits to having a credit account instead of taking a sms loan.

A credit account is not the same as an account credit.

It is easy to confuse these two with each other. However, credit is a completely different thing. Account credit is the margin the bank allows you to transfer your account with. You can have an account credit linked to your account, which then allows you to spend more money than you actually have in your account. The account credit is thus activated when, for example, you buy something that costs more than what you have in the account.

Credit account application

Credit account application

It is very easy to apply for a credit account and does not differ significantly from a fast loan with direct payment. The lender will ask you to fill in the details of the amount of credit you want to apply for and how big you want your first withdrawal to be. The application is then signed with BankID. Then your application is submitted for processing and any credit check / credit information, ie a UC. However, there are players in the market that offer credit accounts even without UC.

However, a credit account without UC is not something that everyone offers but differs on a case by case basis.

It may be wise to consider whether or not the lender is taking a UC in connection with your application. The risk with too many UCs is that it can adversely affect your creditworthiness, which can make it harder for you to get loans and credits in the future. This also affects other types of loans such as car loans, bank loans and mortgages.

In order to be granted the credit account, you usually have to fulfill certain requirements set by the lender. Of course, not all lenders make the same requirements, but first, you usually have to be at least 20 years of age and have a declared income. Other common conditions are that you must be debt free at Kronofogden.

Some lenders accept other requirements. As an example, it is enough that you are 18 or have a good ability to pay even if you do not have an income for the moment. Some lenders accept payment remarks. But as a rule, their risk-taking is offset, as they do with a higher interest rate on the credit account.

As you will probably notice when you start looking for lenders that offer credit accounts, there are a great many that offer both credit accounts and quick loans. If you are not completely familiar with how the various credits work, it can be difficult to know which option is most advantageous for you.

If you need to borrow, for example, $ 5,000, both a credit account and a quick loan can seem like good solutions. The short answer is that you simply have to choose the option that is the cheapest for you and because different lenders give you different terms, it is not possible to give a concrete answer on which option is the cheapest.

Generally speaking, however, the credit account is the most advantageous choice in this situation as no withdrawal fee is required and the repayment period is usually much longer than for the fast loan.

How to use your credit account

How to use your credit account

As previously mentioned, the credit account acts a bit like a hybrid between a quick loan and a credit card. You can withdraw from the account at any time as long as it is within your allowed credit limit. The loan you make will then have the nature of a loan, that is, the loan will be repaid including interest.

If you do not charge anything, you also do not pay anything. This is a big advantage with credit accounts – you only pay for what you actually use.

When you take out a quick loan, the loan is often regulated according to predetermined amounts. Some amounts may even be higher than what you actually need. However, if you take a “too large” loan, you still have to repay the entire loan and the associated interest. This is not the case with a credit account.

As for the repayment period of your withdrawal from your credit account, this is relatively flexible. However, most lenders require that you start repaying a minimum amount from the month after you made your withdrawal.

Note the difference here between a credit account and a quick loan. You should preferably pay the fast loan back in full already the month following the short maturity of the credit. Well, you have the option of repaying a larger amount than the requested minimum amount if you wish.

This usually leads to a lower cost as the interest rate has then been shorter than if you were to pay at the end of the term. In addition, some lenders offer an interest-free period, which pushes down the cost even more for you.

Interest-free periods occur for credit accounts but rarely for fast loans.

Example: You charge $ 6000 on the first day you have access to your credit account. The lender will now charge monthly interest for the first 15 days but after that your credit will be interest free until the end of month 2.

All lenders offering credit accounts usually also offer very favorable terms for the repayment period. Firstly, you usually get the opportunity to pay the amount over a longer period.

The duration of the repayment can depend mainly on how low the minimum amount for the repayment is. This can vary depending on who the lenders are and what terms are set for the amount of credit you used. For the most part, the repayment period is much longer for credit accounts than it is for quick loans.

Example: You are granted a credit of $ 15,000 in your credit account. At your first withdrawal, you charge $ 6,000 to use for a car repair.

When you receive the invoice for the withdrawal at the end of month 2, you pay the minimum amount (eg $ 1500) and choose that you want to pay the remaining amount. You then pay $ 1500 per month for the next three months together with a credit interest rate.

Compare offers

It is not easy to compare credit account offers. This is because each offer is basically unique.

Some of the things you can take a closer look at in your comparisons are the effective interest rate, the minimum monthly payment, if the credit runs without interest in the first month and whether payment remarks can be accepted.

But, isn’t the effective interest rate a bad measure of what a short consumer credit actually costs? Well, for fast loans, the effective interest rate is always directly wrong, but for a credit account it gives a more accurate picture of the cost of the credit. This is because the repayment period is much shorter for fast loans and the effective interest rate is calculated on an annual basis.

Credit account without UC

Credit account without UC

Just as you can borrow without UC, there are great opportunities to get a credit account without UC. However, whether you can get a credit account without UC or not depends on which credit information company the lender cooperates with.

It is not possible to get a credit account without going through a credit report, but credit information can, as is well known, be carried out by various credit reporting companies. UC, or the Information Center as they are also called, is thus not synonymous with credit information but is one of several companies offering these services.

Other companies include Creditsafe and Bisnode. If you get a credit account without UC then you will in any case be able to do credit information through another operator.

The reason why you want a credit account without UC is because UC saves your application in its register, which is reflected in your credit history. If lenders see that you have a lot of credit information in your name, they may begin to wonder why this is the case. With a credit account without UC you reduce the risk of this.


The credit account is advantageous in many ways, but there are some disadvantages too, such as high costs. Although it is an easy-to-manage product with flexible payback time, there are reasons to choose, for example, credit cards rather than credit accounts.

This has to do with the high costs associated with the credit account. The credit account usually has very high interest rates compared to credit cards, which is a major disadvantage. Although there is usually no cost for setup, withdrawals, newspapers and so on, this is a very costly form of credit.

In some cases, even the aforementioned costs occur in combination with high interest rates, which should be avoided as far as possible. Be sure to compare credit accounts and credit cards between each other to make sure you choose the best option possible.

If you are able to get a credit card, you should usually choose that option.

Laws and regulations

Some time ago, the law on certain business with consumer credits was introduced. The new legislation tightened the conditions for players in the consumer credit market. The new requirements rendered more stringent requirements for the lenders and also gave Finansinspektionen an increased influence regarding market surveillance.

Consumer protection was also strengthened by this and made it possible for you as a borrower to feel safer in the future when you take out loans or take credit.


A credit account is a new form of credit that is similar to a merger of a fast loan and a credit card. The credit account means that you have an account with a lender with a certain limit on how much money you can withdraw per month.

If you do not charge anything, it costs nothing. What you charge you will pay back over a longer repayment period. However, the credit account has a high interest rate compared to credit cards, which is a major disadvantage. At the same time, the credit account is usually free when it comes to withdrawals, newspapers and other fees.

You can get a credit account even if you have payment notes or no declared income, however, not all lenders offer this and it is also not something we recommend you take.

If you can take a credit card, we recommend that you choose the option over credit accounts as it is generally cheaper in view of the high interest rate associated with credit accounts.

Laptop credit or computer loan

Electronic devices are rapidly entering our daily lives and their use in recent years can already be considered a necessity or a necessity. The portable computer – a portable and easy-to-use device – is one of the most popular and best-selling devices in electronic stores. They are usually bought for everyday and work purposes or as gifts during the holidays. There is a huge range of laptops in stores – everyone can quickly find the one that suits them, based on their size and component specifications.

Another way to get money for such a need is to borrow credit


The price of new and powerful laptops is reasonably high. A small laptop for everyday use, such as surfing the Internet, can be purchased for around $ 250, while the most powerful and memory-intensive PCs can cost as much as $ 3,000. Often during the holidays, stores offer quite discounted discounts on these items, but where do I get the money while the discounts are still in effect? Some of the electronics stores offer leasing to buy a computer. Another way to get money for such a need is to borrow credit. Quick credit borrowing to buy computer hardware has recently gained as much popularity as other common reasons for borrowing: emergencies, car purchase, home improvement, travel.

Where and how to borrow?


All fast credit providers offer to apply for this service via the Internet. It is possible to get money in your account in a couple of tens of minutes. If you do not have access to the internet or do not want to take out a loan online, some lenders offer the same service via sms, which also helps to save time. The third option to apply for a loan is to go to one of the lender’s branches and fill out an application there. It will take longer, but you will still get money for your needs. If you are applying for a loan through the internet, you should definitely compare offers from different lenders and choose the most advantageous one.

Savings depend on the size of the loan and the repayment term


For example, comparing the annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) can save you tens of dollars. Savings depend on the size of the loan and the repayment term. Once you have found the lender you are most comfortable with, carefully consider your ability to repay this loan. Monthly payments should not exceed 40% of your income, so as not to damage your financial stability and cause excessive budget losses. Also, payments should always be made in due time – at least a few days before the deadline – to avoid fines of tens of dollars.

The things you need to get a consumer loan in most credit institutions are similar: you must be between 18 and 70-75 years old, be a citizen or resident of the Republic of Latvia, have a regular income, have a bank account with a Latvian bank, a valid phone number and email address, must have a good credit history. Past or present credit obligations can be consulted by credit lenders in a database. If you can meet all of these requirements then getting a loan should not cause any unnecessary problems.

Get some financial benefit from borrowing


Buying a laptop with credit has its advantages. You will immediately get money and you can buy a computer. This greatly simplifies the process of purchasing a laptop, as opposed to buying it through the store’s leasing option. The device will be at your full disposal and there will be no reason to worry about losing it in case of indebtedness. Laptop credit also comes in handy because you get some financial benefit from borrowing, unlike loans taken for travel. The laptop will work well for many years. This proves how profitable it is to buy it with a consumer credit.

Mortgage credit

One of the types of credit offered by banks and private creditors is mortgage. It is issued on a long-term basis (the repayment time depends on the bank or credit institution selected, as well as the borrower itself), and the maturity depends on the borrower’s ability to pay in monthly installments. Such loans usually have low interest rates ranging from 0.5-2.5% .

In order to get a mortgage loan, you need a pledge – private real estate, land.

mortgage loan

With this long-term loan, the bank or private credit institution usually provides up to 90% of the required investment value. Such long-term credit services are typically used to purchase, build, repair or improve a home, as well as for other large purchases.

In order for such a loan to be granted, the bank or credit institution will first have to check the credit history of the individual – if the past credit is successfully settled or the current loan is combined with a mortgage, it should not be difficult to issue such a long-term loan.

A good credit history enables an individual to obtain better credit terms

A good credit history enables an individual to obtain better credit terms

Of course, each loan application is considered individually. However, it should be borne in mind that the main criterion for granting a mortgage is the regular income and stability of the individual, and an important aspect is the purpose of the loan – for which the loan will be used.

The lender will assess whether the borrower’s income is sufficient to meet the credit obligation. In the case of a mortgage loan, the lending institution examines not only the individual’s income but also the regular income of the other family, such as benefits, business income etc. If one person’s regular income is insufficient, it is possible to borrow with their spouse, children, parents. In such a situation, the lender assesses the combined income of both people; in the case of a mortgage, one becomes the borrower and the other is the guarantor or co-borrower.

Because a mortgage requires a lien on a property, it is registered in the Land Register, a public book that seeks to secure real estate rights. The mortgaged property acts as collateral to the bank for the person to repay the entire loan plus interest. Once the credit obligation has been settled, the pledge returns to its previous owner. Also, property that is purchased or repaired by means of credit is recorded in the Land Register throughout the repayment period and becomes the property of the borrower only when the entire amount of the loan has been repaid.

When choosing to take out a mortgage, the individual also has to take into account other expenses needed to apply for and obtain the loan, such as property valuation, registry and land registry fees, mortgage registration, notary services (if any), purchased property insurance (annual renewal required) ).

The mortgage interest rate consists of a fixed interest rate or a floating interest rate (interbank rate) plus an additional rate set by the bank. Additional rate determination depends on individuals’ income, stability, l īdzšinējās cooperation with a particular bank, n unnecessary to loan, mortgage and real estate market value.

The mortgage borrower, once his or her loan application has been approved

The mortgage borrower, once his or her loan application has been approved

Has the option to choose between floating or fixed rate, as long as the bank or credit institution of their choice provides such a service. A fixed interest rate is usually applied for a longer or longer repayment period. The fixed interest rate is fixed, but as a result the bank always sets a slightly higher interest rate than the floating interest rate, thus hedging against rapid changes in the money market. The floating interest rate is composed of the interbank rate plus the bank’s additional rate; it is lower than the fixed rate, but fluctuates with the changes in the money market, which can also change the amount of the monthly payment.

The customer is also offered a choice of payment schedule – either a descending or an equal payment schedule .

  • Choosing a descending payment schedule initially pays a higher amount, including interest, but decreases over time – the monthly payment at the end of the repayment period is much lower than at the beginning. This payment schedule pays less interest throughout the term.
  • By choosing the same or annuity payment schedule , the person pays the same monthly payment for the entire loan repayment period. However, this payment schedule is affected by interest rate changes – the payment may change every few months or less frequently. It all depends on how long the person has chosen to fix the interest rate.

When choosing a longer repayment period, an individual has to bear in mind that although the monthly payments will be lower, the bank will still receive more money in interest.

However, there is always the possibility of paying off some or all of the loan faster. If necessary, a credit holiday service is available during the repayment period – for a specific period of time agreed between the individual and the lender, it is only possible to pay interest and the principal to be repaid at the end of that period.

If the borrower has not breached any material terms of the mortgage agreement

If the borrower has not breached any material terms of the mortgage agreement

Such as a delay of more than 60 days, or uses the loan for another purpose, the individual is protected by the Consumer Rights Protection Act . This stipulates that the issuer of the credit ( unless the individual has breached the terms of the agreement ) may not request a faster loan repayment, request additional credit collateral, or re-evaluate the collateral. The mortgage borrower has the right to request an extension or change of currency, and the lender has no right to charge extra for these changes. If an individual commits a material breach of a mortgage agreement, the lender is entitled to use the pledged property to secure the repayment of the loan.

When choosing to take out a mortgage, an individual must consider that it will not have a significant impact on their daily routine. It is recommended that your monthly mortgage payment should not exceed 40% of your monthly income .

Borrow without UC ! We have the lenders for you! Borrowing money without UC today – Offer Loans

Borrow without UC through Good Finance. We have listed the lenders for you! We help you get in touch with credit companies, banks, lending institutions and other lenders in the market that offer loans without UC. All lenders are required to carry out a credit check according to law.

Do you want to borrow without UC?


Here you can borrow 5000 without UC. Or you may want to borrow a slightly larger amount? Here you can borrow 10,000 without UC. You may be looking for a little less amount? If you are going to borrow amounts less than USD 5000, we recommend that you apply for a so-called interest-free loan.

The interest-free loans are a little lower for example if you want to borrow 500 USD or borrow 1000 USD then you can follow these links or you can click this link to read more about the terms and conditions that apply when you want to take out a sms loan without interest. We help you by pairing you with the lender that suits your needs! Good Finance’s best at fast money!

Loans without UC

Loans without UC

Loans Without UC, It’s Easy To Loan With Good Finance! We help you borrow without UC, there are several credit lenders who grant loans without UC. However, a lender is obliged to carry out a credit check with one of the information companies out there. The Information Center is the largest credit information company on the market in Sweden. They collect information about all adults and all adults are included in their extensive records. Most often it is sms loans offered without UC, lower sums that are intended to be repaid over a short period of time. You can thus borrow without UC but a credit assessment will always be made.

  • Upplysningscentralen AB is Sweden’s most popular and has been active since -77. All authorities are included in UC’s data register. UC is foremost in Sweden when it comes to information and most people get their information there. All adult persons in Sweden are included in UC’s register and they collect their data from a variety of sources. Some of these sources are the Swedish Tax Agency, Kronofogden, Lantmäteriet, Bolagsverket, the Customs Administration and the District Court. Landlords, banks, credit companies, companies, individuals and authorities use UC’s services. They help parties make wise business decisions.

So what does the Information Center do?

So what does the Information Center do?

UC helps companies to do more secure business, to provide information about companies and individuals to prevent capital losses. Through UC you can get information about a person’s income to compare with the amount that a person has claimed to earn. This helps prevent fraud. They have a variety of tasks and both companies and individuals buy their services. The information is used to make an example assessment of a potential borrower’s repayment options. It can also be interesting for a landlord to see if a person can pay the rent, if he has a fixed income or any debts. Even when you try to buy things on installment, credit information is made.

Car purchases, home purchases, mobile subscriptions, TV subscriptions and installments are other things that require information. Most people do not want to borrow money or enter into an agreement with a person who fails to fulfill their financial obligations. UC provides the information when these assessments are made.