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Borrow without UC through Good Finance. We have listed the lenders for you! We help you get in touch with credit companies, banks, lending institutions and other lenders in the market that offer loans without UC. All lenders are required to carry out a credit check according to law.

Do you want to borrow without UC?


Here you can borrow 5000 without UC. Or you may want to borrow a slightly larger amount? Here you can borrow 10,000 without UC. You may be looking for a little less amount? If you are going to borrow amounts less than USD 5000, we recommend that you apply for a so-called interest-free loan.

The interest-free loans are a little lower for example if you want to borrow 500 USD or borrow 1000 USD then you can follow these links or you can click this link to read more about the terms and conditions that apply when you want to take out a sms loan without interest. We help you by pairing you with the lender that suits your needs! Good Finance’s best at fast money!

Loans without UC

Loans without UC

Loans Without UC, It’s Easy To Loan With Good Finance! We help you borrow without UC, there are several credit lenders who grant loans without UC. However, a lender is obliged to carry out a credit check with one of the information companies out there. The Information Center is the largest credit information company on the market in Sweden. They collect information about all adults and all adults are included in their extensive records. Most often it is sms loans offered without UC, lower sums that are intended to be repaid over a short period of time. You can thus borrow without UC but a credit assessment will always be made.

  • Upplysningscentralen AB is Sweden’s most popular and has been active since -77. All authorities are included in UC’s data register. UC is foremost in Sweden when it comes to information and most people get their information there. All adult persons in Sweden are included in UC’s register and they collect their data from a variety of sources. Some of these sources are the Swedish Tax Agency, Kronofogden, Lantmäteriet, Bolagsverket, the Customs Administration and the District Court. Landlords, banks, credit companies, companies, individuals and authorities use UC’s services. They help parties make wise business decisions.

So what does the Information Center do?

So what does the Information Center do?

UC helps companies to do more secure business, to provide information about companies and individuals to prevent capital losses. Through UC you can get information about a person’s income to compare with the amount that a person has claimed to earn. This helps prevent fraud. They have a variety of tasks and both companies and individuals buy their services. The information is used to make an example assessment of a potential borrower’s repayment options. It can also be interesting for a landlord to see if a person can pay the rent, if he has a fixed income or any debts. Even when you try to buy things on installment, credit information is made.

Car purchases, home purchases, mobile subscriptions, TV subscriptions and installments are other things that require information. Most people do not want to borrow money or enter into an agreement with a person who fails to fulfill their financial obligations. UC provides the information when these assessments are made.